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Silk/Rayon Velvet- Long Hair Black
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Silk/Rayon Velvet- Long Hair Black

Silk/Rayon Velvet- Long Hair Black

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The Silk/Rayon long hair velvet is a woven fabric with a pile on one side formed by loops on the surface of the fabric. Our lightweight pane velvet, has been pressed flat in one direction to create a stunning, high-luster finish that catches the light for a glossy shine. Traditionally, velvet is associated with Nobility royalty and King Richard II of England King Richard II of England directed in his will that his body should be clothed in velvet in 1399.

18% Grade A Silk / 82% Rayon

44/45 Inches Wide
45 mm Weight

Soft and silky hand

This fabric is shiny

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use chalk to mark the direction of the nap on the wrong side. Spread the fabric with the wrong side up or double layer with wrong sides together
  • Use super fine pins and pin together in the seam allowance. Try to avoid marking on the nap itself
  • To avoid stitching problems and ripping baste seams with water soluble thread then baste a second time to fill in the spaces. Stitch with a velvet “V” foot even feed or roller foot. Then press seam open with steam to dissolve thread.
  • When joining velvet to a lining or a smooth fabric, stitch with the velvet on top. Stitch with the nap even if stitching against the grain. Understitch by hand
  • Use a stiff brush to brush away loose pile at cut edges. Finish with a serger, Hong  Kong finish or Tricot binding.
  • When pressing cover the velvet with a thick towel. Do not handle while damp

Dry clean and do not iron.

18% Grade A Silk / 82% Rayon
44/45 Inches Wide
45 mm Weight

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