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DIY Fabric - Fabrics for Projects

DIY Fabric - Fabrics for Projects of all sorts exist. Like any art creation, a designer is only limited by their imagination. Looking to add a touch of flair to your home with our home decor fabric? Check out some of our upholstery fabric or curtain fabric. Looking to paint the town red? Why not check some of our dress fabric or suit fabric! From base stretch fabric to more elaborate bridal fabric - we have more than you'd imagine!.

We are the premier online fabric store that prides itself on carrying the highest quality materials that professional designers can find in the Garment District of New York City – which we ship directly to your doorstep. Looking for more fabrics for your projects? Check out our collection of versatile silk fabric, cotton fabric, linen fabric, spandex fabric & more

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Coordinating silk fabrics by color is made easy at NY Fashion Center Fabrics.

Our coordinating silk fabric collection comes in more than 10 different styles. Match fabrics perfectly with our lustrous coordinating silk collection. Just look for the color match badge