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Felt Purple

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This Felt fabric is made of synthetic fibers. Felt is commonly used for fashion especially when making hats (fedoras), crafts, and applique for embroidery. Felt is used everywhere from the automotive industry, to musical instruments and home construction as felt paper as well. Many musical instruments use felt. On drum cymbal stands, it protects the cymbal from cracking and ensures a clean sound. Felt is used for framing paintings. It is laid between the slip mount and picture as a protective measure to avoid damage from rubbing to the edge of the painting. Puppets are sometimes constructed from felt as well.

100% Acrylic

72 Inches Wide
A woven fabric structure produced by the application of moisture, heat, agitation and pressure to a web of fibers forming an interlocking, uniform matted layer.

Lofty, Soft, dense and durable

This fabric is matte

Tips and Tricks:

  • Make sure you are using sharp scissors or a new blade on your rotary cutter.
  • Felt is thicker than many other fabrics and sharp tools will help you get crisp edges and prevent the fibers from pulling (which can weaken the felt).When you’re choosing a sewing machine needle, a lightweight needle might break and a heavy-duty needle can cause unsightly holes in your felt.
  • Make sure you’re using a medium-weight needle.
  •  Felt is a very compact fabric, so a shorter stitch length will look better than a longer one.
  • The tension on your sewing machine may need to be adjusted as well, so as always, be sure to test on some scraps before you begin sewing.

Use a baby wipe to gently wipe away whatever has gotten on your Felt. Let crumbs or dirt dry before you attempt to wipe them off with a wipe, so that they do not get smeared into the material. If you think that what has gotten on your felt may stain it, do not try to surface wash it, but proceed directly to hand washing. Brush off any crumbs or dirt with a coarse brush. Place your felt in a sink with cold water. Make sure the felt is thoroughly wet. Squeeze water in and out of the felt, but do not rub it. Rubbing can make your Felt fuzzy. Air dry your Felt. Lay your fabric flat or hang it on a drying rack while it dries.

100% Acrylic Felt
72 Inches Wide

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