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Spandex Metallic Cabaret Mesh 017 Gold Red

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The Spandex Metallic Cabaret Mesh fabric is a transparent mesh with large holes that blends the durability of Polyester and Nylon with the two-way stretch and elasticity of Spandex. The fun and whimsical fabric is intended for dance, color guard, cheer and other creative costumes as well as lingerie, accessories, and home décor. The affordable Cabaret Mesh fabric is available in an array of splendid solid colors to suit a variety of projects and occasions.

92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

60 Inches Wide
2 Way Stretch

This fabric has a textured hand

This fabric is shiny due to its metallic nature

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with nap cutting layout (i.e. all pattern pieces laid out in the same direction) so all pattern pieces reflect light the same way and shading is prevented
  • Crosswise stretch should go horizontally across the body
  • For cutting, lay out fabric on dressmaker’s cutting board, hold down pattern pieces w/fabric weights and trace around pattern pieces with a sharp rotary cutter. This allows for more precise cutting with knit fabrics.
  • If cutting with shears, pin pattern pieces with thin, sharp pins (try our extra fine pins)
  • If interfacing is needed, use lightweight fusible knit interfacing
  • Use a ballpoint (stretch) needle when machine sewing
  • Use a knit stitch to maintain stretch – chainstitch is ideal, but you can also use overlock (serger) to sew seams without additional stitch
  • If you have to use a regular straight lockstitch, lower your stitch size (8-10 stitched per inch  is a good estimate, but it’s best to experiment on a test swatch before sewing), and gently stretch the fabric while sewing to maintain stretch. Steam seams on lower (polyester/nylon) setting to eliminate unwanted puckering. You may want to use a pressing cloth if you have a particularly hot iron.
  • Use self-binding, overlock (serger) or a roll-back hem with coverstich for hems and edges

The metallic cabaret mesh fabric is ideal for use in dance and skating costumes and other special occasion apparel.

92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
60 Inches Wide
2 Way Stretch

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