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Silk Embroidered Dots Dupioni Gold On Plum

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Silk Embroidered Dots Dupioni fabric is a sturdy, wrinkle-resistant, medium weight fabric with a phenomenal, unique textured surface and a beautiful sheen. It is often used in eveningwear and bridal/wedding, but can also be used for suits and high end sportswear and home decor. Often mistakenly called "raw silk, what makes Dupioni distinctive is that is brushed from “twin” silkworm cocoons, where two silkworms spin their cocoon together. This results in a textured silk filament with non-uniform texture that give Imperial Dupioni the slubs it is famous for. Dupioni is a very forgiving fabric that is very easy to sew. This playful dots embroidered fabric is an attractive fabric for apparel and upholstery.

100% Grade A Silk

54" Wide
115 - 120 Grams
Plain “basket” weave w/Dupioni silk filaments – the tight weave makes the fabric sturdy when sewn but raw edges are prone to raveling.

Slubby, textured surface from the uneven Dupioni fibers. Similar weight to duchess satin – it is crisp and holds its shape when draped.

Velvety sheen due to the way the silk filaments reflect light

Tips and Tricks:

  • This fabric is very forgiving and easy to sew, but tends to ravel at raw edges
  • Use with nap cutting layout (i.e. all pattern pieces laid out in the same lengthwise direction) so all pattern pieces reflect light the same way and shading is prevented.
  • Use standard stitch size and a sharp, universal (or quilting) needle when machine sewing
  • Dupioni silk is wrinkle resistant, but since it is a natural fiber this means it also does not hold a crease well
  • Great for tailored and structured garments
  • Texture can feel rough on the skin, so it’s best to line garments made in this fabric.
  • Even when fully lining the garment, overlock (serge) seam allowances to prevent fraying
  • The fabric is somewhat stiff in its original state – you can wash on gentle cycle with cold water and hang straight to dry for softer drape. We recommend you test a small piece of yardage first, though.
  • Dupioni is very versatile. Depending on the garment, some of the finishes you can use are: French seams, overlock (serger), binding, rolled hem, hand-stitched or top-stitched hem.

Dry clean recommended; press on “silk” setting with steam and keep out of direct sunlight to maintain color.

100% Grade A Silk
44 Inches wide
5 Yard Minimum

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