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Floral Raschel Stretch Lace 410 Neon Yellow

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Floral Raschel Stretch Lace is a warp knit lace. All warp-knit fabrics are resistant to runs and relatively easy to sew. Raschel lace, the most common type of machine made lace is a warp knit fabric, but using many more guide-bars (12+) than the usual machines which mostly have three or four bars. Since warp knitting requires that the number of separate strands of yarn ends equals the number of stitches in a row, warp knitting is almost always done by machine, not by hand. The allure stretch lace is used in lingerie, bras and panties, as well as tights, tops, lined skirts, and other women's garments.

95% Nylon / 5% Spandex

4 Way Stretch
60 Inches Wide

Pebbly mesh texture, lightweight and thin

This fabric has some some sheen

Tips and Tricks:

  • Spread the lace right side up and examine the lace for motifs that need to be matched and whether you want to lay out the pattern cross grain or lengthwise
  • Use duplicate pattern pieces and position pattern pieces on the lace so the long scalloped edge is at the hem or front edge. When this is not possible trim away the scalloped edge and reapply it later using a zig zag stitch or hand overcasting
  • To avoid snags in the lace, stitch with water soluble stabilizer between the lace and feed dogs. Stitch slowly to reduce puckering
  • To join lace seamlessly is to zig-zag around the shapes of the pattern and trim away the excess close to the seam – this is known as an appliqué seam.
  • Pattern pieces have to be cut outside of the cutting lines on the paper pattern, around the lace pattern, to allow for a significant overlap.
  • For a cheaper garment, seams could be zig-zagged or overlocked in a straight line.
  • Test press. Lace is easily damaged by hot irons and carless handling. Cover the pressing surface with a thick terry towel to avoid flattening the lace design.

Machine wash in cold water or hand wash. Tumble dry on a cool setting or lay flat to dry.

Nylon Lace
95% Nylon / 5% Spandex
4 Way Stretch
60 Inches Wide

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