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Wool Donegal Tweed Brown 15757
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Wool Donegal Tweed Brown 15757 Wool Donegal Tweed Gray 15757
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Wool Donegal Tweed Brown 15757

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Donegal tweed is so named because it originates from County Donegal in the province of Ulster, Ireland. This is a rough, unfinished woollen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture, resembling cheviot or homespun, but more closely woven. Today, the term Donegal describes any tweed that has colorful thick slubs woven into the fabric. The flexible, heavier weight fabric has a slightly rough texture, and has been modernized by introducing a blend of fibers to enhance strength and cost efficiency.

100% Wool

58/60 Inches Wide
Made of yarns with short fibers which have been loosely spun with a low to medium twist. They are carded not combed giving them a hairy surface

The hand feel is bumpy yet soft with a hairy rough texture

This fabric is matte

Tips and Tricks:

  • Tweed is very easy to sew with so can be a great fabric for beginner to intermediate sewers ready for a new challenge.  Its heavy weight  making it is easy to handle and the textured surface hides those not so perfect stitches.
  • Tweed fabrics, especially if made from threads of different textures, can be prone to unravelling so you need to pay attention to this when sewing with it.
  • It is recommended to handle the fabric as little as possible when sewing with it to prevent this unravelling. It is also advisable to leave a day between laying the fabric with the pattern pieces on it and actually cutting it allowing the fabric time to settle.
  • As you sew remember to finish your seams off properly. For most tweed fabrics a simple zig zag (or over lock stitch if you have one) should suffice. However if you are not lining your garment, try binding your seams with pre folded bias binding. This will give a really professional finish and you can even have a bit of fun using a contrasting fabric or picking up one of the brighter colors in the tweed.
  • Tweed can also be quite loosely woven. The loose weave means it is advisable to stabilise you fabric before sewing with it. Especially important if you are using check tweed otherwise you will get droopy lines in your garments.
  • You can stabilize a tweed fabric all over by ironing a light iron on interfacing the back of the fabric. Stabilizing shoulder seams in very important so they hand nicely and not stretch.  Twill tape is the best for this and done simply by running it along the seam as you sew.
    You should also use a tape to finish your hems, or a pretty lace for a more luxury touch. Once you have made your garment remember to leave it to hand overnight to allow the fabric to drop before hemming to prevent sagging hems.
  • Be very careful when pressing tweed it is a wool fabric with lots of texture that can be ruined with an iron that is used too hot or for too long. I always use a piece of muslin to protect my tweed and leave the iron on for as short a time as possible.
  • Make sure that your sewing machine needle is new and sharp a 10 or 14 should be about the right weight but do adjust for lighter or heavier tweeds.
  • You may need to use a special foot spacer on your machine if your tweed is very thick, especially if you are sewing through more than 2 layers such as hemming over seams.
  • As Tweed can be quite bulky you may like to consider using a lighter fabric for facing or if you are making bound pockets or button holes.  I think silk bound buttons holes look very professional and give a wonderful finish to your garments. Again don’t forget to stabilize them with a little iron on interfacing.


Dry Clean only.

100% Wool
58/60 Inches Wide

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