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Christmas Fabric Information

The holidays are a thrilling time of year: cool nights, hot chocolate, families gathering together, food passed around long tables, and presents opened in anticipation. There is so much beauty to be seen and experienced that it's often easy to overlook details. Fabric may often be the last thing anyone associates with the holidays, and yet, consider this: table runners, stockings, tree skirts, ribbons, warm clothing, napkins, dresses, ties, costumes, and placemats all require holiday fabrics. Not just any fabric, either; the holidays demand vivid colors, gold thread, and high quality. Great choices for holiday dresses and blouses are silks in iridescent colors, with gorgeous draping and light-catching hues, such as silk shantung or silk taffeta. There's also no need to stick with traditional holiday colors; instead of red, green, blue, and yellow, incorporate rich golds and majestic purples. Silks in classic blue, silver and white are dazzling and festive for Hannukah, and a touch of other colors adds warmth and palette depth. When taking family portraits, choose coordinating colors instead of identical uniforms. Create a pleasing palette by dressing girls in beautiful dark blues and men in flattering greens: your family portrait will be classy and appropriate for the whole year instead of confined to the holiday season. Garlands, tree skirts, and table decorations should be vividly colored with a stiff drape. For instance, instead of the oft-repeated cotton tree skirt with pictures of Santa, choose a silk dupioni Christmas fabric in lush purple or red. The dupioni will not fade or become dated, as lesser-quality cotton will, and it will reflect the lights on the tree. Holiday fabrics in silks and satins can be used year after year without needing to be replaced; a simple steam iron will restore them to the previous year's splendor. Don't shy away from bold colors during the holidays: this is their time to be displayed. When winter hits, be prepared with deeply-piled fabric such as fleece and wool. Gear up with stockings in cotton flannel, jersey, or crochet. Outerwear looks beautiful with satin/wool combinations that provide the silkiness of satin with the warmth of wool. Corduroy also shines during the holidays; in vests, pants, shirts, and dresses, corduroy warms while providing a sleek vertical weave.

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