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Cotton Batiste Fabric Information

Batiste is a plain weave, very soft, lightweight, opaque fabric, made from cotton, wool, polyester or a blend of threads. Batiste does not receive an acid wash during manufacturing, and therefore is not transparent like organdy. The fabric is thicker than lawn, and is often mercerized to add shine. Material referred to as Imperial batiste is a blend of cotton and polyester, while plain batiste is most often derived from cotton or wool. Another variety of the fabric is satin batiste, produced with a satin weave that adds significant luster to the material. Batiste is used extensively in childrens' and baby clothes due to its delicate touch and extremely soft hand. The tremendously breathable material is a favorite for smocking and heirloom pieces, as well as lingerie and other special occasion garments. Despite its delicate appearance, batiste is fairly durable, able to be machine washed and tumble dried on low.

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