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Cotton Broadcloth Fabric Information

The manufacturing of broadcloth originated in England in the 16th century and was traditionally made using wool. English woolen broadcloth was created in concert with skilled Flemish weavers, and was then exported to Belgium for dyeing and distribution. The tradition of excellence and superior manufacturing extends to modern broadcloth, which is also available in silk and polyester, and shares the dense and sturdy characteristics of its woolen forebear. Broadcloth is made using an extra-wide loom, the fibers tightly woven before being immersed in water and stretched, followed by a final treatment using wooden hammers to pound the material. The resulting broadcloth has the same supple, soft and sturdy properties of the wool variety, in a much lighter weight material. Broadcloth can be used for a variety of items, including shirts, coats, upholstery and traditional costumes. Lightweight cotton broadcloth adds a summery and airy touch to any garment that benefits from the extremely soft hand and rugged sturdiness of the fabric. Although broadcloth's popularity has declined somewhat with the evolution of modern fashion, it is still a high-quality and proven option for many projects.

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