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Cotton Duck Fabric Information

Cotton duck fabric, from the Dutch word doek meaning linen canvas, is a very heavy, plain weave cotton material frequently referred to as canvas. Duct tape, which is regarded for its durability, was originally fashioned from cotton duck with an applied adhesive. The fabric is commonly used for outdoor items and coverings, as duck is extremely rugged and is able to withstand the elements to a great degree. Cotton duck is classified according to a numbering system, with 1 being the heaviest and 12 being the lightest variation of the fabric. The lower numbered materials can be used to construct tents, boat covers and sandbags, while the higher grades are typically used for sneaker tops, shopping bags and shower curtains. Due to the heavy weight and relative lack of usable drape, canvas fabric's usability in garments is typically restricted to outerwear. Cotton duck is machine washable and dryable, and is easily dyed. The fabric loses its stiffness over repeated washings, and generally settles nicely into a more flexible yet still durable material.

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