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Cotton Flannel Fabric Information

Flannel fabric is a soft, warm, loosely woven material, produced with a twill weave and featuring a napped surface. Flannel is believed to have originated in Wales sometime in the 16th Century, and was traditionally made from carded wool, although modern flannel can be derived from cottons, wool or a synthetic blend. Flannel is associated by many with two groups: lumberjacks and other burly individuals, and the grunge movement of the early 1990's. Both the insulating warmth of the material and the loose, non tailored appearance of flannel garments appealed to musicians, tradesmen and skateboarders alike, there perhaps has never before been such a distinctive fabric that has tied so many disparate groups together. Flannel is widely used for shirts and overcoats, as well as sheets, pajamas and long underwear. Flannel is machine washable, and should be tumble dried on low.

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