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Cotton Organdy Fabric Information

Cotton organdy fabric is a sheer, lightweight, crisp material, similar in characteristics to silk organza. The distinct body is due to a pronounced twisting of the fibers during the manufacturing process, resulting in an extremely moldable plain weave fabric. Permanent crispness can be achieved with a chemical treatment, otherwise the starch in the fabric will wash out over time. Organdy is very easy to work with and pleats easily, and tends to wrinkle badly but can be quickly smoothed with a hot iron. The sheer material is ideal for enhancing garments with a touch of classic elegance, and is used in dresses, gowns, blouses and children's wear. Organdy is great for crafting: from children's bonnets, collars and smocking to scrapbooking, the sheer material enriches any project. The fabric also makes breathtaking curtains as it provides privacy while allowing in maximum light.

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