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Dance Wear Fabric Information

The breathtaking movement of dancers relies on high-performance dance wear fabrics that keep up with the most rigorous of schedules. Without the proper fabric to warm and strengthen muscles, dancers can sustain serious injuries. From warm-up to practice to show time, selecting the right fabrics is extremely important for both the health of the dancer and the quality of the performance.

The following are recommendations for suitable dance wear fabrics to match a variety of needs:

• Warm-up and casual dance wear fabrics: polar fleece, silk/cotton blend and cotton jersey.

• Movement dance wear fabrics: silk knit jersey, nylon and polyester spandex, nylon powermesh, and polyester stretch velvet.

• Costume and Performance fabrics: polyester tulle, nylon and polyester spandex, nylon powermesh, polyester stretch velvet, polyester PVC solid, and viscose matte jersey.

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