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Drapery Fabric Information

Elegant, flowing curtains can bring a sense of splendor and opulence to an otherwise nondescript space. Drapery fabric and curtain fabric has been a staple of interior design for hundreds of years, adding intricate weaves and delightful colors to catch the eye and bring a room alive.

Curtain fabric and drape fabrics can vary widely in both weight and translucence, depending on the fabric used. Velvet is used when a heavy, old-world look is called for, such as blackout curtains. Silk Dupioni and satin are also widely used as curtain fabric, as the sheen and matte combination of the materials create an intriguing look. For sheer, almost see-through drapery fabric, silk organza and cotton organdy are very popular. They are both light and luxurious, allowing in a good amount of light while providing modesty and privacy for those inside. More recently, synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon have been utilized to produce a look comparable to silk but with higher durability and at a lower expense. There are many curtain fabrics and drapery fabric options to choose from when creating curtains and drapes, and one must consider the look and feel of the room as well as the desired effect of the material when picking a fabric.

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