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Dutchess Satin Fabric Information

The term satin refers to any fabric that is manufactured with a satin weave. This means long floats of yarn appear on one side of the fabric, creating a very shiny and lustrous appearance. Satin can be produced in a variety of fibers, but it is most commonly found in Silk, Polyester, or blends of these fibers. Satin fabric is easily recognized by its even, glossy surface and flowing drape.

Duchess satin is a gorgeous, high thread count, medium-bodied, low luster blended satin that sews easily and benefits from underlining to maintain shape. The extra weight of duchess satin, as compared to regular satin fabric, lends itself to beading and embroidery, while the synthetic component allows the fabric to be machine washed, and provides an extra level of durability. The heavy weight of the fabric lends itself to work well with crinolines and petticoats, holding its shape while disguising the underpinnings. Duchess satin is used extensively for bridal wear and corresponding accessories, due to its pearly sheen and structural stability. It is currently the most common fabric used for bridal gowns. It has a very luxurious hand, and a great deal of body to help to create intricate designs in the fabric. The extreme luster gives a dramatic effect to pleats and folds in the fabric. The wrinkle-resistant material is also ideal for evening wear and lingerie.

Apart from regular Duchess Satin, we also carry Stretch Duchess Satin. The 5% elastane added to this fabric allows for ease and stretch around the body. This is a choice fabric for body hugging gowns that need to move with you through the night! The stretch component of this fabric also allows for greater stretch on the bias, creating soft drapes and folds. Our Duchess Satin fabrics are made of silk blended with synthetic fibers. This adds strength to the fabric, makes it machine washable, and allows for a better hold of creases and pleats. Duchess Satin Gowns are commonly lined with lightweight silk fabrics such as Silk Habotai, Silk Crepe de Chine, or China Silk.

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