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Fleece Fabric Information

Natural fleece is an organic, marvelously soft, amazingly resilient fabric that has been used in textiles since the domestication of sheep. Fleece is sheared humanely from specially-fed lambs and then spun into textiles. Fleece fabric is all-natural and reacts well to dyeing, thus making it especially appropriate for bedding, winter clothing, baby garments, and outerwear. In addition to soft cotton, fleece is one of the best fabrics to use against delicate skin. Those with allergies to synthetic fabrics will appreciate fleece's hypo-allergic, organic fibers. However, because it is an organic fabric, care must be taken during washing. Hand wash fleece and air-dry it; avoid the dryer as this can shrink the garment down to 70% of its original size. For a more economical alternative to natural fleece, polyester-based polar fleece is widely available and shares many of the benefits of organic fleece. Polar fleece, first created in 1973 by the firm now known as Polartec, is soft, warm, water resistant, and very breathable much like natural fleece, with the addition of being machine washable. For those who are allergic or sensitive to wool, polar fleece is a great alternative, and for a synthetic fabric, the material is quite environmentally friendly as it can be made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Polyester fleece is somewhat flammable, though, and should not be washed or dried on high heat settings. Due to fleece's fantastic ability as an insulator, it is not recommended for use in summer garments. However, fleece performs beautifully during fall and winter, when its lightweight yet powerful pile allows for maximum warmth. It is also great for use in crafting; fleece fabric makes fantastic quilts, yarn, and is suitable for all types of imaginative sewing projects. It is perfect for outerwear, shirts, socks, mittens, and any other soft, winter items.

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