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Outdoor Fabric Information

While fabric is typically thought of as something you may find indoors, there are in fact a multitude of outdoor fabrics that are specifically designed for outdoor use. There are several characteristics that are desired for an outdoor fabric: water resistance, heat resistance, insulating, abrasion resistance and breathability, among others. Delicate silks and airy cottons do not stand a chance against the elements: designing and creating for outdoor use requires a much sturdier class of textiles.

For general coverings and tarps, canvas, otherwise known as duck fabric, has been a perennial outdoor fabric favorite. Tents are often made from waterproof polyester taffeta or nylon, while poolside chairs and sun lounges benefit from the heat reflecting properties of breathable PVC and acrylic. Vinyl and neoprene can be used as a superb waterproof and windproof covering, as can oilcloth. In general, outdoor fabric is heavier in weight and often contains some blend of synthetic fiber for greater resistance to the elements, to keep your furniture lasting longer.

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