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Pima Cotton Fabric Information

Originating in the Southwestern United States, Pima cotton is most closely comparable to Egyptian cotton, with which it shares long-fibered tensile strength and an amazingly soft feel. Pima cotton was first produced in Peru, but has been named after the Pima tribe of Native Americans who began cultivation of the plant in the US. The desirability of Egyptian cotton led to attempts by the US to grow it in the Southwest, but the resulting crop varied slightly from its Egyptian cousin.

Pima cotton produces a very durable, thick fabric that lends itself to items that experience a significant amount of wear. Pima cotton is very popular for bedding, as its softness and comfort blend well with its ability to be washed regularly. Pima cotton is also extensively used in dress shirts, skirts and dresses, as well as towels and other home d├ęcor. The superb absorbency of the material does mean that stains are easily formed, and the fabric should be treated with stain guard whenever possible.

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