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Plaid Pima Cotton Tartan Fabric Information

Pima cotton tartan fabric delivers vibrant plaid colors to any fashion creation – and does so in a variety of traditional Scottish pattern choices guaranteed to meet your creative needs. Imported from England, this 100% percent cotton textile is excellent for traditionally-inspired clothing, bedding or furniture, and is machine washable.

Pima cotton tartan fabric is made from extra-long staple cotton – resulting in a premium quality fabric that is both wonderfully soft and amazingly durable. Grown in the Southwestern United States, Pima cotton is most often compared to Egyptian cotton, given the similar climates and resulting crops. No other material is more versatile, sturdy or better suited to hotter climates than cotton, nor is there any fabric easier to work with.

A note to those planning on using the material for clothing: the absorbency of the cotton means stains are more easily formed, and we recommend coating the material with stain guard.

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