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Poplin Fabric Information

Poplin fabric, also known as tabinet, is a plain weave, medium to heavy weight durable material with a textured surface, a result of the combination of a smooth warp yarn with a coarser weft yarn. The term poplin is a derivative of papeline, in reference to the Papal residence in Avignon, France, where the fabric was first manufactured in the 1400s. Using a silk warp and worsted wool weft, early poplin garments featured a slight rigidity and horizontal ribbing in addition to the sheen provided by the silk yarns. Poplin was traditionally used to make heavy silk, cotton and wool dresses, although today's uses of poplin trend more towards soft and easy to wear cotton and polyester shirts and pants.

Poplin's textured surface ribbing allows the fabric to be wrinkle resistant and quite sturdy, providing all day wearability and easy maintenance. Cotton poplin shirts have become extremely popular, as they are considered high quality garments and very reliable. Polyester poplin fabric is a staple of medical and professional uniforms, as the material is naturally somewhat water and stain resistant. Poplin's myriad uses also extend to upholstery, where the fabric can be found on chairs and couches that experience significant wear.

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