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Seersucker Fabric Information

Seersucker fabric is a comfortable, thin, cotton or cotton blend fabric that is used predominantly in summer wear. Its name derived from the Persian “shir o shaker”, or “milk and sugar”, seersucker is woven in a manner that produces bunched threads, causing the fabric to rise off the skin, improving air circulation and breathability. The threads cause seersucker to appear wrinkled, and the fabric does not require ironing. Often found with vertical stripes of pastel coloring, seersucker is most often associated with the hot and humid summers of the South. Seersucker first gained popularity in the warm British colonies, and the transplants that populated the southern American states brought the light and breathable fabric with them. Seersucker is traditionally worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and is often accompanied with a bowtie. Interestingly, the US Senate holds an annual Seersucker Thursday in June, where the senators and their aides dress in traditional Southern attire. Seersucker is used mostly in suits and sport coats, although its traditional cultural limitations lead it to be a somewhat less widespread fabric. The material is machine washable, and is very sturdy and durable.

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