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Serge Fabric Information

Serge is a twill weave fabric, similar to gabardine, with distinctive diagonal ridges, a result of the two-up and two-down weaving process. Extremely durable and sturdy, serge fabric has a classic, dressy look, drapes especially well and is quite flexible.

The word "serge" is derived from the Greek serikos, meaning "silken". Evidence of serge fabric dates back to a piece of the fabric found in the tomb of Charlemagne, possibly a gift from the Byzantine empire during the 8th century and thought to have originated in China sometime before that. Originally possessed only by nobility and the upper class, serge fabric began to be manufactured by the French in the 1500s, using premium English wool. Wool serge is especially popular in military uniforms and suits, as the material drapes very well, can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time, and can be made in a variety of weights for different climates. Silk serge fabric is typically used as a lining, as the soft material wears well against the skin and the natural resiliency of serge allows for the insides of coats and jackets to be adequately protected. Serge is typically though of as a premium fabric, as its durability, flexibility, ease of wear and range of weights lend it to be a perfect choice for dressy yet frequently worn garments.

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