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Silk 4 Ply Woven Crepe Fabric Information

Silk 4 ply woven crepe fabric is a premium silk with a uniquely smooth and flat surface which hints at a delightfully bumpier texture. The 4 ply yarn is made by twisting together four individual strands, and the resulting material is heavy in weight and offers more structure than charmeuse or habotai, while retaining the fabulous shine and drape of its lighter cousins.

Recommended uses of silk 4 ply woven crepe include suits, jackets and bridal wear, or any garment that requires a heavier, fuller look. The material is also great for home decor as it is a bit sturdier than other silks. The heavier weight of silk 4 ply woven crepe does allow for machine washing, although dry cleaning is still recommended.

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