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Silk Charmeuse Fabric Information

If there were competitions among fabrics, silk charmeuse would win the gold medal in every event. It is renowned for its drape, handfeel, price, durability, and sheen. Silk charmeuse fabric is the textile equivalent of dipping ones' hand into a running river: smooth, sensual, and free-flowing, it is a breathtakingly beautiful fabric appropriate for hundreds of uses.

Silk Charmeuse is the classic silk, combining superior aesthetics with fluid elegance. The fabric, offered in this bright and fun shade of lemon, is matte on one side and glossy on the other, reflecting light beautifully and drawing attention to its quality. A satin weave gives the fabric a soft feel, supple drape, and a flowing sense of luxury.

The material emphasizes the curves of the body, which makes it ideal for chic gowns and spicy lingerie. Silk charmeuse is not a compromise: it is simply elegant. Most high-end designers work mainly in silk charmeuse as it is a fabric that looks luxurious without the cost of heavier silks. Charmeuse is lightweight and breathable, and works great for summer outfits or loose-fitting garments such as skirts and dresses that don't require a tailored look.

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