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Silk Double Georgette Fabric Information

Silk double georgette fabric is a remarkably durable, lightweight premium silk that offers an extremely graceful drape and a soft, dull finish. Georgette is the term for any thin, semi-transparent fabric that has a somewhat grainy surface, a result of highly twisted warp and weft threads. Featuring a matte crinkly surface, this silk fabric has a pleasing springiness, the result of silk double georgette's characteristic twisted crepe fibers. Garments made of silk double georgette seem almost to move on their own and possess a unique liveliness. Silk double georgette is widely used in loose fitting and free-flowing blouses, dresses and shirts, and also as an overlay for evening wear. The fabric works well in scarves and other accessories which require a soft, airy look, as well as a variety of home d├ęcor applications. It is recommended that this fabric be hand washed cold or dry cleaned.

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