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Silk Dupioni Fabric Draping

Silk Dupioni is an extremely lustrous fabric commonly used for eveningwear that is best known for its rough raw silk texture. The silk is reeled from cocoons that spun side by side, creating the slubby texture. Silk Dupioni is similar to Silk Shantung, but typically is heavier and slightly more slubby. Although best known for use in eveningwear gowns, Silk Dupioni can also be used for skirts, jackets, cocktail attire, wedding gowns and some accessories such as scarves and clutches. 
The below drapes are meant to show the crisp nature and lustrous drama that are characteristic of this fabric. The fabric is stiff enough that it does not easily collapse on itself and can retain any shape that it is given.

Silk Dupioni has a fairly crisp hand, allowing it to pleat and hold shape very well. Note that pleats will not be permanent as silk is a natural fiber and thus cannot be permanently pleated. The extreme luster of the fabric lends itself perfectly to eveningwear. The highlights contrast well against the dark shadows that are created when the fabric is draped. The crispness of the fabric also makes it a good option for self-embellishments and fabric manipulations like dye cut flowers or prairie points.

The hand is slightly rough from the texture, which can cause uneasiness against the skin. Silk Dupioni garments are typically lined with a lightweight fabric such as china silk. The body of the fabric lends itself best to tailored silhouettes, as the drape can become very stiff and crinkled instead of falling lightly like charmeuse or georgette.

Due to the luxurious nature of this fabric, seams are most commonly finished with French or mock-French seams. Seams should not be left raw as fabric will fray. If a garment is to be fully lined, overlock the seams to eliminate any fraying that may occur.


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