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Silk Dupioni Fabric Information

Dupioni Silk Fabric has a stubbled surface derived from its natural fibers which lends, in addition to its shimmering colors, a dramatic textured effect. This lustrous fabric is medium to heavy in weight and gives off a reflective sparkle in the light. Especially unique is the double weave, which allows for two colors to shine through at once. This effect can produce wonderful tones with threads of a similar color, or eye-catching contrasts with opposite coloring. The fabric is crisp to the touch, resists wrinkling, and does not hold a crease well. Dupioni Silk garments should be dry-cleaned, and the fabric requires washing in cold water and air-drying before cutting. Its sheen will not fade over time, but keep it out of extremely strong light as the sunlight may damage Dupioni's natural dyes. As can be expected of such a high-end fabric, dupioni silk fabric looks great in nearly every garment. It works especially well in skirts, shirts, dresses, sashes, bridal gowns, suits, jackets and home decor. Many brides use Dupioni in their bridal party and the effect in photos is magnificent. It is reversible, not particularly stretchy, and relatively easy to sew, making it an ideal choice for free-flowing, loose-fitting attire.

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