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Silk Faille Fabric Information

Silk faille fabric features a distinctive ribbed texture, a subdued yet elegant sheen and a heavy weight. The characteristic corded effect in silk faille is produced by including, at regular intervals in the weave, a thicker yarn, leaving soft, wide, strongly defined ribs. Faille is a plain weave textile and is finer than grosgrain, a well-regarded sturdy woven corded fabric.

Silk faille has a smooth, lustrous feel and easy drape. These, combined with a readiness to take a crease, make silk faille popular for elegant apparel that's pleated or tailored. Silk faille fabric is widely used in dresses, skirts and slacks, as well as in tasteful home d├ęcor applications, and, in heavier weights, the material works well in coats and suits.

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