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Silk Jersey Fabric Draping

Silk Jersey is a super soft luxe drapable fabric with a slinkiness that gently clings to the body. It is a knit two-way stretch fabric. The edges of the fabric are finished with an overlock stitch to prevent fraying. Silk Jersey is most commonly used for eveningwear, dresses, skirts, tops, scarves, swim cover-ups, and pajamas. The fabric is silky soft to the touch and melts in your hands. The high luster of the silk fibers catches the light easily and photographs beautifully. Tucks and cowls are great in this fabric as it casts dark shadows that dramatically offset the lustrous nature of the silk jersey. I also demonstrate the use of smocking with this fabric in one of the below images, as the technique and fabric lend themselves to each other perfectly.


Silk Jersey has a shine and drape similar to silk charmeuse, but it is a knit fabric and has a bit heavier weight. One of the prime benefits of this fabric is its ability to cling to the body like charmeuse, while retaining the ability to fit multiple body shapes and sizes due to the natural stretch of the jersey. Using a knit fabric is a good solution to avoid having to tailor or carefully fit a garment.


Use the stretch in the fabric to go around the body. If this fabric is used on the cross grain, it will have a tendency to grow over time due to the knit of the fabric. Most commonly, seams are finished with an overlock or merrow stitch to prevent fraying and give a finished look. Because this is a knit fabric, be sure to use a stitch that allows for stretch such as a merrow, overlock, or chainstitch. Any lace or adornments should be applied with a zigzag stitch to retain the stretch of the fabric. Be sure to use a ballpoint needle when sewing all knits to prevent the fabric from being snagged by the needle.


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