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Silk Knit Jersey Fabric Information

Silk knit jersey is a sleek, soft, stretchy fabric with a light/medium weight that boasts impressive flexibility. The material is of premium quality with a brilliant sheen, superior strength, excellent absorbency, and a handfeel comparable to running water.

Silk knit jersey fabric stretches, making it appropriate for a range of uses, from tight skirts to form-fitting shirts. This fabric wicks away moisture and is very breathable. It irons easily, resists wrinkles, and travels well. Uses include everything from cheerleading uniforms to special event gowns. This material does not hold shape, but has an extremely slinky drape that enhances curves. Silk knit jersey fabrics are not suited for tailored outfits; instead, consider outfits that can benefit from the sheen and luxurious feel of silk with the stretch and uniformity of jersey.

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