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Silk Organza Fabric Draping

Organza was a key fabric in the 2008 Spring Runway Show of BCBG Max Azria. The collection paired soft silhouettes in silk charmeuse with structured embellishments and layering pieces in silk organza. Because of organza’s unique ability to combine sheerness and structure, it is used extensively in this collection to make tops and jackets. The jackets keep their tailored shape, while allowing the garments underneath to be seen.

The following images are 15-minute quick drapes that demonstrate the properties and characteristics of silk organza. They are meant to demonstrate the body, volume, texture, and versatility of the fabric, while providing a little inspiration to our beloved customers. Enjoy!  


Organza has a much rougher texture than chiffon, but can create volume and body, where chiffon would fall flat. Chiffon will give a drapery effect, while organza will hold shape and remain stiff. Organza is commonly used in bridesmaid’s dresses, usually layered over a base satin shell or lining. Organza has also recently become popular for cocktail dresses. Because of its natural luster and shine, it lends itself towards evening wear. Organza cocktail dresses can be found in the collections of popular designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhullier, Marchesa, and Allen Schwartz. 


Organza is commonly used for self-embellishment techniques such as fabric feathers, ruffles, and ruching. One technique we have demonstrated is creating “feathers” from organza. Using a rotary cutter, zig zag down the middle of a rectangle of organza. This will create triangular feather shapes on one side of the organza, while leaving the other side a raw straight edge. From this stage you can create two different aesthetics based on which type of organza you choose to use. If you are using a polyester organza, the edges of the feathers can be passed alongside a flame to seal/melt the raw edge. If you choose to use a silk organza, do not attempt to seal the raw edge. Since silk is a natural fiber, it will burn rather than melt. The silk organza edges will fray with time creating a different type of “feather” look. After the feathers are cut into shape, gather them along the straight edge to add fullness. 


Silk organza is a sheer fabric that also offers body and volume. The fabric can be used in a single layer, allowing the skin to be seen underneath, or in multiple layers to create shades and layers of transparency. Two great fabrics to use when looking to create transparency are organza and chiffon.

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