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Silk Organza Fabric Information

Silk organza fabric is a uniquely sheer, lightweight and crisp silk which lends itself well to fashioning delightfully puffy sleeves or resplendent frontal pieces on bridal or other fine formal dresses. Silk organza fabric is also exceptional when used as a stylish foil to the fabrics of other garments, whether worn under or over them.

The material is woven from lustrous silk yarn which has been given a somewhat more pronounced twist in its manufacture, thereby producing a silken fabric with distinctive body – silk organza fabric has a more moldable nature as well as a heightened sheen. Both qualities endow it with an exceptional usefulness among quality fashion silks. It also doubles as a fabric of interest for home decor treatments such as those involving curtains, bedding and decorative trimmings. Silk organza fabric is readily washable and easily pressed. Despite its distinctive stiffness, it will not scratch the skin and it resists fraying.

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