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Silk Stretch Charmeuse Fabric Information

Silk stretch charmeuse is a blend of the soft and glossy nature of silk charmeuse with the stretch and durability of Spandex. This light satin fabric provides the same drape and supple luxuriousness of its purebred cousin, but offers a wider range of creative fashion possibilities, allowing garments to hug curves and provide increased flexibility and movement.

Made of 95% silk and 5% percent Spandex, silk stretch charmeuse brings classic silk sheen to modern on-the-go styles. The fabric also allows for garments to be cut slightly smaller, thereby enabling designers to add a more sensuous side to fashionable silk garments. Silk stretch charmeuse fabric is excellent for slinky evening wear, dresses, lingerie, blouses, and even home decor. As with many silk hybrid textiles, dry cleaning is recommended.

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