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Supreme Stretch Dutchess Satin Fabric Information

The term "satin" refers to any fabric that is manufactured with a satin weave and is a mixture of silk threads with a synthetic filament, such as rayon or polyester. Correspondingly, silk mixed with short-staple cotton threads is referred to as sateen. Satin fabric is easily recognized by its even, glossy surface and flowing drape. Supreme stretch dutchess satin is a gorgeous, high thread count, medium-bodied, low luster blended satin that sews easily and benefits from underlining to maintain shape, while including a small percentage of stretch fabric to hug the body's contours. The extra weight of supreme stretch dutchess satin, as compared to regular satin fabric, lends itself to beading and embroidery, while the synthetic component provides an extra level of durability. Supreme stretch dutchess satin is often used to create form-fitting bridal wear, with the stretch fabric component accentuating the pearly sheen and structural stability of the garment. The wrinkle-resistant material is also ideal for evening wear and lingerie, and dry cleaning is the recommended form of care.

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