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Tulle Fabric Information

Tulle fabric is a delicate, lightweight net fabric, made from rayon, nylon, silk, and sometimes cotton, which is often starched to add structure. Tulle fabric is named after the French town of Tulle, pronounced "tool", where it most likely originated during the 18th century. Most tulle fabric is machine-made using a bobbinet structure, a hexagonal design that uses tension in the threads to retain shape. The result is a surprisingly strong fabric, light in weight and delicate in appearance only.

Tulle is typically found as an accent in garments that call for a sheer, lace look, such as wedding gowns, veils, evening wear pieces and tutus. Tulle can add significant volume to a dress or gown if layered underneath, providing strong support with relatively little fabric weight. Other uses for tulle include insect netting, gift wrap and scrapbooking. Tulle should be machine washed in cold water, or hand washed, and laid flat to dry.

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