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Velour Fabric Information

Velour is a thick, soft material that combines the stretch of a knit fabric with the plush pile of velvet. Velour is typically made from cotton, but has also recently been fashioned from synthetic fibers such as polyester. The rich, luxurious look and feel of velour, in addition to its stretch abilities, has lead to its popularity in dance wear, casual clothing, theatrical costumes and upholstery, particularly automotive seats and draperies.

Velour is typically less expensive than velvet, and often serves as a low-cost replacement. Velour can replicate the elegance of velvet in costumes and performance attire, and is also more durable and giving than velvet, which heightens its appeal for couch, car seat and drapery applications.

Velour is best cared for by machine washing in cold water, and laying flat to dry. Velour can be machine dried on low, but the nap may become distorted.

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