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Alencon Beaded Lace #6 16 12060RB 36 Lime - NY Fashion Center Fabrics
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Alencon Beaded Lace #6 16 12060RB 36 Lime - NY Fashion Center Fabrics

Alencon Beaded Lace #6 16 12060RB 36 Lime

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The fine-quality imported Alencon beaded lace #6 is an exquisite and alluring needle lace with a breathtaking beaded floral pattern in vibrant lime. Outlined in heavier thread, the design is embroidered on to the lime net ground which has been created by sewing together hundreds of stitches to create a lace so durable it will not unravel even when one or more of the loops are broken. Alencon is known as the Queen of Lace and is named after a region of France where this type of lace-making began in a tradition dating back to the 17th century. The Alencon beaded lace #6 is perfect for special occasions, evening wear, gowns, and accessories.
Alencon Beaded Lace
Imported Fabric
Finest Quality Yarns
36 Inches Wide

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