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French Veil Tulle Bordeaux

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The French Veil Tulle is a lightweight, very fine hexagonal netting imported from France. Named for the city in France where the fabric originated, our polyamide tulle is available in an array of vibrant eye-catching colors. Tulle is often used as an accent, to create a lacy, floating look and to make veils. This fabric is easy to sew, transparent and does not fray.

100% Polyamide

60 Inches Wide
Light Weight
Imported From France

Crinkle and lightweight hand

This fabric is matte

Tips and Tricks:

  • Cut pieces with stretch going across the body
  • Layer the fabric between two sheets of tissue thin paper before cutting to stabilize. Hold fabric in place using fabric weights or fine, sharp pins (like our extra fine pins). Keep cut fabric pieces pinned to tissue paper until right before you’re ready to sew.
  • For more exact cutting, lay out fabric on dressmaker’s cutting board, hold down pattern pieces w/fabric weights and trace around pattern pieces (one layer at a time) with a sharp rotary cutter.
  • Use a very fine ballpoint (stretch) needle when machine sewing
  • Use a knit stitch to maintain stretch – chainstitch is ideal, but you can also use a narrow 2-step zig-zag stitch or overlock (serger) to sew seams without additional stitch
  • Mesh should not touch the feed dogs when sewing – if sewing mesh as an overlay to another fabric be sure to keep the mesh as the topmost layer under the presser foot. Otherwise, back all mesh with tissue paper and tear paper away (gently!) when finished
  • If sewing two layers of mesh together, sandwich between two layers of tissue paper and tear paper away (gently!) when finished
  • Consider finishing edges with very thin self binding, bias cut woven binding, or a knit binding
  • This fabric is completely transparent – only use seam and hem finishes that will look nice inside and outside the garment. Be sure to use matching thread for all seams and finishes.
  • The best finishes for mesh are: very thin binding (see above), very thin french seams, DTM overlock or purl stitch, very thin rolled edges, or neatly trimmed raw edges.

Hand wash gently in cold water, lay flat to dry or dry clean.

100% Polyamide
60 Inches Wide
Light Weight
Imported From France

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