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Linen Brick Pattern Basketweave HT Brick004 - NY Fashion Center Fabrics
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Linen Brick Pattern Basketweave HT Brick004 - NY Fashion Center Fabrics

Linen Brick Pattern Basketweave HT Brick004

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The Linen Brick Pattern Basketweave fabric features the raised horizontal and vertical stitching named for its resemblance to bricks in architecture. The geometric patterns created by the brick stitch have been coveted since medieval times. Linen has long been a symbol of wealth and prestige and it is known for durability. Three times stronger than cotton, linen is breathable and cool, absorbing moisture without feeling damp. This fabric is used for shoes and accessories, suits, skirts and dresses.

100% Linen

Czech Import
60 Inches Wide
First Quality Fabric
Balanced plain weave w/slubby linen yarns

Textured, slubby (but not rough) surface on face and back side. Soft drape.

This fabric has no shine

Tips and Tricks:

  • This fabric is very forgiving and easy to sew, but tends to ravel at raw edges – be sure to finish all seams and hems!
  • Lighter colors are slightly sheer – consider lining garments if modesty is a concern. Line in a natural fiber like cotton to maintain breathability.
  • Use standard stitch size and a universal needle when machine sewing
  • Linen tends to wrinkle easily, and does not hold a pressed crease well
  • Great for tailored and structured garments as well as softer or fuller silhouettes
  • Even when fully lining the garment, finish seam allowances to prevent fraying
  • Depending on the garment, some of the finishes you can use are: French seams, overlock (serger), binding, rolled hem, hand-stitched or top-stitched hem.

This decorative linen should be dry cleaned only.

100% Linen
Czech Import
60 Inches Wide
First Quality Fabric

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