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Polyester Pleated Chiffon Panel Black
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Polyester Pleated Chiffon Panel Black Polyester Pleated Chiffon Panel White
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Polyester Pleated Chiffon Panel Black

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100% Polyester, sheer pleated panels in black or white, this fabric hangs vertically 44/46 inches and consists of 3/4 inch pleats. One panel equals approximately 1 yard. Chiffon is a sheer, lightweight fabric most often used in eveningwear, lingerie and bridal/wedding. The name “chiffon” derives from the French word for “rag” or “cloth”. Because of its beautiful and soft drape, this fabric is ideal for special occasion tops, blouses, dresses/gowns, and skirts and has a stunning effect when cut on the bias or layered.

100% Polyester

44/46 Inches Tall
Imported From Japan

Soft, pebbly texture due to the tight, crepe twist of the Polyester yarns

Has a velvety sheen due to the way the Polyester reflect light, but is not particularly shiny

Tips and Tricks:

  • Polyester chiffon does not lend itself to garments that are tailored or require a lot of precise seaming.
  • If garment requires interfacing, we recommend using silk organza for sew-in interfacing
  • You can create volume in this very thin fabric by utilizing soft tucks, shirring, or sewing it with multiple layers
  • Because of its loose structure, fabric tends to move when laid out for cutting. Layer the fabric between two sheets of tissue thin paper before cutting to stabilize. Hold fabric in place using fabric weights or fine, sharp pins (like our extra fine pins). Keep cut fabric pieces pinned to tissue paper until right before you’re ready to sew
  • Hand-baste pattern pieces before sewing with a sharp, fine needle
  • Use tissue paper as backing when sewing seams together to help stabilize fabric – tear away once seam is secure
  • It’s best to only cut one layer at a time to avoid grain distortion.
  • Use a new, thin needle when sewing this fabric to avoid snags– especially when machine sewing
  • Use cotton, or cotton-covered polyester thread when sewing
  • Hold thread ends when beginning to avoid accidental shirring
  • The best finishes for chiffon are French seams, very narrow hems (1/8”), or purl stitch

Hand washing may cause water spots, check a small piece to check. Dry clean recommended.

100% Polyester
44/46 Inches Tall
Imported From Japan

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