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Polyester Metallic Lame 08 Kelly

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Capture the shine and radiance of the Polyester Metallic Lame with this polyester and metallic blend satin fabric. Featuring a highly reflective face made with metallic yarns woven into a polyester bas Our lightweight lame fabric is slightly stiff and comes in 12 different colors, including a rainbow-hued multicolor. Lame fabric is a favorite for theatrical and dance costumes as well as scenery and crafts. This fabric is also suited for evening looks and styles.

100% Polyester

43/44 Inches Wide
First Quality Fabric
Metallic yarns in the length or width

Polyester Metallic Lame has a silky, lightweight and drape able

This fabric has a high degree of shine

Tips and Tricks:

  • Lame frays and snags, dulls machine needles and sheers and is easily damaged by needles, pins and improper pressing
  • Before cutting check to make sure the fold line is not permanent. Use weights, temporary pattern adhesive or position pins within the seam allowance
  • To control fraying do not cut until ready to sew. Handle the section s as little as possible after cutting. Cut seams 1″ wide and use seam sealant on the cut edges applied carefully to avoid spotting on fabric. Do not mark with clips
  • Start all new projects with a new needle in the smallest recommended size. Change needle frequently. To test needle stitch through a nylon stocking. Baste seams as needed to avoid ripping.
  • To reduce fraying, turn under and stitch raw edges. For seams, use a safety stitch seam or stitch the seam allowance together with a narrow zig zag then trim.
  • Test press some lame fabrics are easily damaged by hot irons and steams

Dry clean recommended.

60% Polyester, 40% Metallic
43/44 Inches Wide
First Quality Fabric

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