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Polyester Whipcord D036 Orange

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Polyester Whipcord fabric is made of hard-twisted yarns with a diagonal cord or rib.The weave used for whipcord is a steep-angled twill, essentially the same weave as a cavalry twill or a steep gabardine. However, the ribs of whipcord are usually more pronounced than in either of those fabrics, and the weft (filling) may be visible between the ribs on the right side, which is usually not the case for gabardines. Whipcord is usually found in durable outdoor clothing typically pants, sometimes jackets or in durable workers' clothing typically overalls. In the latter case, whipcord is an alternative to duck, which has a different weave. Whipcord should not be confused with corduroy. Whipcord has a hard smooth finish with diagonal ribs. Corduroy is fuzzy with vertical ribs.

100% Textured Polyester

61/62 Inches Wide
First Quality Fabric

Polyester Whipcord has a smooth and hard surface

This fabric has some sheen

Tips and Tricks:

Use a nap layout even though the nap is not obvious. If the fabric looks the same on both sides , mark the wrong side with chalked arrows in the direction of the nap. Cut seams 1″wide so they will be easier to press flat

Use Polyester thread for more elastic seams

For flatter seams, cut them 1″ wide. Slash and press darts open to avoid a ridge

To avoid pressing imprints, serge or zigzag with lightweight serger  or textured thread. Avoid bound and Hong Kong finishes on light and medium weight worsteds

Shrink and shape sleeve caps before setting into the garment. Reduce the ease as needed to ease the fullness smoothly.

For more defined buttonholes and longer wear, cord the buttonholes



100% Textured Polyester
61/62 Inches Wide
First Quality Fabric

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