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Silk 6 Ply Woven Crepe Navy Blue

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Silk 6-Ply Woven Crepe in navy blue is a sturdy, heavy weight fabric with a slightly ridged surface and a beautiful sheen. It is usually used for high-end sportswear and home decor, but can also be used for tailored eveningwear and suiting. The "6-Ply" in the fabric's name refers to 6-ply crepe yarns made of 6 very tightly twisted strands of silk filament fibers used in the warp, or filling, direction of the weave. This also contributes to the subtle ridges visible on the fabric's surface. Although this fabric is structurally sturdy and is very well suited to any silk garment that requires a heavier, fuller look, 6-Ply Woven Crepe has the same beautiful and soft drape as its lighter cousins. This is available in a variety of colors.

100% Grade A Silk

44/45" Wide
Plain weave w/4-ply crepe yarns in warp direction

Slightly ridged and slightly pebbly texture on face side, smoother on back side - medium weight with soft drape

Velvety sheen due to the way the silk filaments reflect light

Tips and Tricks:

  • This fabric is very forgiving and easy to sew – it ravels only slightly at the edges but all seams and hems should be finished anyway
  • Use with nap cutting layout (i.e. all pattern pieces laid out in the same lengthwise direction) so all pattern pieces reflect light the same way and shading is prevented.
  • Use standard stitch size and a sharp, fine needle when machine sewing – it’s best to use a new needle every time you start a project to ensure sharpness.
  • Great for tailored and structured garments
  • Use standard fusible interfacing when using this fabric – our lightweight fusible knit interfacing is perfect
  • Even when fully lining the garment, overlock (serge) seam allowances to prevent fraying
  • Depending on the garment, some of the finishes you can use are: overlock (serger), binding, rolled hem, hand-stitched or top-stitched hem. Since this fabric is thick avoid finishes that will create bulk from several layers.

Dry clean recommended; press on “silk” setting with steam.

100% Grade A Silk
53/54 Inches Wide

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