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Silk Dupioni 126 October Bark

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Dupioni silk fabric is a sturdy, wrinkle-resistant, medium weight fabric with a phenomenal, unique textured surface and a beautiful sheen. This fabric is available in an array of colors. It is often used in eveningwear and bridal/wedding, but can also be used for suits and high end sportswear and home decor. Often mistakenly called "raw silk, what makes Dupioni distinctive is that is brushed from “twin” silkworm cocoons, where two silkworms spin their cocoon together. This results in a textured silk filament with non-uniform texture that give Imperial Dupioni the slubs it is famous for. Dupioni is a very forgiving fabric that is very easy to sew.

100% Silk 54" Wide
115 - 120 Grams
First Quality Fabric Imported From India
Taj Mahal Collection

Draping Demo

Our in-house fashion stylist tests a variety of looks to showcase how this fabric drapes and gives expert tips on how to best work with it.

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