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Ultra Lightweight Woven Fusible Interfacing IS8030 101 White
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Ultra Lightweight Woven Fusible Interfacing IS8030 100 Black Ultra Lightweight Woven Fusible Interfacing IS8030 101 White
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Ultra Lightweight Woven Fusible Interfacing IS8030 101 White

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This Ultra Lightweight Woven Fusible Interfacing IS8030 is suitable for all woven fabrics such as silk dresses, skirts and blouses. This fabric is wonderfully lightweight fusible interfacing that serves protection and body for your garment. Woven from 100% Nylon yarns, this sheer, graceful fabric is pre-treated for easy fusing and has a touch of stretch for added flexibility.

100% Nylon

Stability in the lengthwise grain and slight give in the cross grain
58/60 Inches Wide
34 grams
Fusible - Pre-Treated
IS 8030

lightweight and soft

This fabric has no shine

Tips and Tricks:

  • Heat and moisture melt the resin, and pressure pushes it into the fibers
  • Read the instructions with the interfacing
  • Cover the pressing surface with paper towels. Place the fabric wrong side up on the paper towels
  • Place the interfacing resin side down on the fabric
  • HINT: When fusing to a portion of a section, trim the edge with pinking shears to avoid a demarcation line
  • Cover with a press cloth, dry or wet depending on the instructions
  • Baste press lightly in several areas if the section is large
  • NOTE: When working with loosely woven fabrics, the garment section is frequently larger than the interfacing, even though they were cut thy the same pattern. Do not force the edges to match; the fashion fabric has stretched out of shape. If you have cut accurately, the use the interfacing as a guide.
  • Set Iron on Wool
  • Beginning in the center of the section, fuse toward the edges. Press hard with steam, unless the instructions indicate otherwise for 10 to 15 seconds. Overlap the fused areas carefully to avoid a bare section. do not slide the iron
  • Turn the section over, cover with a press cloth and fuse the other side
  • Allow the section to cool before moving it
  • Test to make sure all corners are securely fused

Interfacings should have the same care requirements as the garments

100% Nylon
58/60 Inches Wide
34 grams
Fusible - Pre-Treated
IS 8030

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